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BFI Consulting

Solutions to smoothly navigate the new era of investing.

We are witnessing a new era of considerable economic, technological, and geo-political change. To successfully navigate this new reality, we focus our efforts on innovative, risk-adjusted, and  access-enhanced alternative investment strategies.



Plan  I  Protect

A solid defense is the basis for any successful offense. We like to consider structural wealth protection strategies before thinking of asset allocation. Attentive to core wealth planning objectives such as legal asset protection, compliant tax efficiency, flexible inheritance, as well as jurisdictional and institutional safety, we help our clients plan, set up, and maintain bespoke cross-border structures and global investment solutions.



Co-Invest  I  Profit

The new era of investing will require an increased level of allocations toward alternatives and tangibles. This presents a multitude of challenges, ranging from scarce liquidity to high minimum thresholds. We have been allocating a growing portion of our own investments to alternatives. We now offer our partners and clients the opportunity to participate and co-invest alongside us.



Build  I  Partner

As entrepreneurs, we love to solve problems, and build new solutions. It's in our DNA. We selectively partner with professionals and institutions in our endeavors to create resilient products and successful ventures. In that spirit, we act as a family-office type investment and solutions hub to a select group of international clients as well as the founders of BFI Capital Group. 

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Innovative alternative funds, built to navigate a new era of investing ...

Professional Associations

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Deeper Into the New Era - Navigating the Shifts & Turning Points Ahead

Special Report, June 2023

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